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Advantages of Having Tower Hall Cater Your Event:

You may be considering catering your own event, in an attempt to save money, so let's break down the cost, time required and materials and equipment you will need and see how much you are really saving.
The cost of the food is not the only thing to consider. Initially, you will need to go to multiple locations to pick up the supplies needed to cater your party. In addition to the food and beverages, don't forget the plates, napkins, flatware, condiments, cups, serving utensils, chaffing dishes, serving platters, coffee urns, beverage containers, etc. The list can seem endless.
Calculate in the cost of gas and the time required to either purchase or rent these items, plus the inconvienience of going to numerous businesses on the day before or day of your event and the time and cost can add up quickly. When Tower Hall caters your event, there is no additional time required of you. We handle all the details so you can relax, focus on your friends and family and enjoy the celebration!
In addition to the purchase and rental of needed items, you will need someone to prepare the food, pack it up, transport it, unpack it and serve the meal to your guests. Often the responsibility of the food service falls on close family and friends who you would prefer to be enjoying the party rather than working in the kitchen/dining area.
There are also the concerns of maintaining the proper food temperatures and insuring the food is replenished at all times and you're not done yet. Following the meal, you will need to pack up any left over food and clean up the serving area, as well as clean up the guest tables. At the conclussion of the event, you will need to transport the left over food from the venue and return all rental items.
If you compare the cost of the food only, you may save a little; however, if you include everything that is required for you to cater your own event, as detailed above, the savings, if any, is minimal. Consider the amount of work that goes into a large scale catering job and the amount of time that your family and friends would need to contribute while still trying to enjoy your reception.
Remember this is truly a special day and should be enjoyed by all. Eliminate the stress that comes with catering your own event on a day when you have many details to take care of. Enjoy your celebration and let us do the cooking!
This is just one reason "Tower Hall is Lincoln's Best Kept Secret!"
We Take Care Of:
  • Ordering, Picking Up, Preparing & Serving the Food
  • Setting Up the Buffet/Serving Tables
  • Keeping the Food Replenished at All Times
  • Clearing All Guest and Buffet Tables
  • Packaging Leftover Food For You To Take Home
 Best of all - If there are any problems, we take care of them so you can enjoy the party.